Legal Fulfillment Group, LLC offers legal teams a simple and cost effective way to maximize support staff time and resources. Numerous hours are often spent by staff requesting records, organizing them and preparing chronologies, with a limited ability (if any) to charge clients for that time. We offer a solution to that lost time you are not being reimbursed for, making your office more efficient and profitable. You can then charge your client for that time spent obtaining the necessary information and organizing it.

All records requests are handled through our secure client portal where information on all aspects and stages of the requests is available. Basic information is first added by our client's staff and then all records and related records (i.e. ER billing requests, radiology request for hospitals, etc.) are requested, receipt of request verified, records paid for, records received, available for download and/or delivered. After delivery of the records, invoices are sent on the 15th of each month

LFG makes all payments on behalf of their clients. Not only do we help you save support staff time necessary working on each individual client's requests, we also minimize the time your accounts payable department is currently using to process prepayments, write checks, mail payments, bill the clients and manage payables. Now your accounts payable department will receive a simple PDF statement they can copy and paste from into your existing accounting program.

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